Our story 

It all began in 2015, when we established our first restaurant and shop in shop centre Fenix in Prague. From the entire  beginning we have tried to make vegan cuisine which would be satisfactory for most of the people who are new in the world of plant-based diet. After we had received few positive feedbacks, we knew that we follow a right path. After a while we established another restaurants at Karlovo Náměstí, at Hradčanská and  restaurant at Pankrác. Restaurants at Pankrác and Fenix are not ,,only’’ restaurants but also vegan, health-related shops where we try to offer the best, most healthy, most recent products from the entire world which in contrast with other health-related shops in Czech republic are exclusively available in our shops. We are constantly spreading the variety of our products and we are primarily focused on organic produce

Our vision

Vegans make up only 1% of the entire population and our main goal is to increase this percent in a  non-violent and peaceful way. We will always stand up for compassion and peace and we will always try to meet up our customer’s wishes and expectations. Hand in hand with care for our customers we are also obliged to take care of our planet. Our daily decisions directly affect the lives of other living beings with whom we share this planet and it is only up to us which decisions we will make. In recent times, the information about plant-based diet, are more and more available to public and we would like to spread this knowledge.In the future we would be more than happy to be part of more charity programs that were established for those who doesn’t have  a voice and we are ready for much more but only with your help.